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Photo of W. Thomas Miller, III W. THOMAS MILLER, III

W. Thomas Miller, III, is professor and chair at the University of New Hampshire's Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. His fields of research activity include the adaptive dynamic balance of legged walking robots, learning/adaptive digital control of robotic manipulators and neural network learning for control and signal processing. In his 15 years of teaching at the University of New Hampshire, he has taught courses in real time digital system software, computer architecture, digital signal processing and electronics.

Robotics engineers have been trying to teach robots to walk for several decades, but every move they made was programmed. Miller's biped walking robot, "Toddler," is different because it is programmed to learn from its experiences. On Frontiers we see how Toddler learns to stay in balance before it starts to walk. For more about how Tom Miller is teaching robots to walk, including photos and movies:

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Scientific American Frontiers
Fall 1990 to Spring 2000
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