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Photo of Ole Crumlin-Pederson OLE CRUMLIN-PEDERSEN

Ole Crumlin-Pederson is Director of the Centre for Maritime Archaeology in Roskilde, Denmark. He is affectionately known as the "Grand Old Man" of Danish maritime archaeology because of his impressive achievements and inspiring presence throughout many years of work in this field. Crumlin-Pedersen is widely recognized for his research, as well as his role in presenting maritime archaeology to the public.

In Roskilde, Crumlin-Pedersen investigates the remarkable vessels that gave medieval Vikings supremacy of the seas. In addition to recovering 1000-year-old ships from the bottom of the Roskilde fjord, Crumlin-Pederson and his colleagues investigate the principles of their construction by building exact replicas with authentic materials and building techniques used in the originals. His long career has included leadership of the Viking Ship Museum and, later, the Institute of Maritime Archaeology.

When Pedersen celebrated his 60th birthday in 1995, his colleagues saluted his career by producing "Shipshape, Essays for Ole Crumlin-Pedersen on the occasion of his 60th anniversary" (Eds: Olaf Olsen, Jan Skamby Madsen and Flemming Rieck). This book contains 28 articles dealing with topics covered by maritime archaeologists and historians in Northern Europe today, including ship archaeology, preservation of historic sites on the seabed and interpretation of historic sources for seafaring in the past. Several articles present finds and sources which had not previously been published, while others take up well-known material for reconsideration The book is illustrated and includes a list of Ole Crumlin-Pedersen's publications.

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