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Photo of Heidi Dewar HEIDI DEWAR

Heidi Dewar grew up in Oregon and has always felt linked to the ocean. She also has always loved biology and had great science teachers in both junior high and high school -- Mr. Beck and Mr. Gause. Somewhere between dissecting frogs and pigs and collecting insects, Heidi got really excited about studying biology.

She went to Oregon State University for her undergraduate work and majored in biology, taking every class in marine biology that she could. Heidi also did volunteer work in labs on the campus, which she found very valuable. After receiving her Bachelor's degree she went to Scripps Institution of Oceanography to get a doctorate in marine biology. There, she spent five years doing her thesis research on tuna biology and also taught classes at the aquarium, then spent two years at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute as a postdoctoral fellow. Heidi is currently a postdoctoral researcher at Stanford University's Hopkins Marine Station.

Frontiers asked Heidi what advice she has for students who are interested in becoming marine biologists. Here are Heidi's recommendations: "Get good grades in high school and college; volunteer in a lab in college; take summer courses at marine stations (many have scholarships), and follow your passion!"

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