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Photo of Tom Williams TOM WILLIAMS

Tom Williams has been the veterinarian for the Monterey Bay Aquarium since 1978 and became the vet for the Tuna Research and Conservation Center when it opened in 1994.

Tom earned a B.S. in animal physiology and a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from the University of California, Davis. He began his career as a self-employed veterinarian specializing in small animal medicine and surgery. Tom is a member of many groups that work on behalf of wildlife, including the Working Group for Unusual Mortality in Marine Mammals and the California Sea Otter Recovery Team. He is also Scientific Advisor for Friends of the Sea Otter, Consultant to the California Department of Fish and Game and Advisor to the Oiled Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Center at the University of California, Santa Cruz.

What Tom has found particularly challenging and interesting about his career is working with wildlife. He has had the opportunity to work with sea otters in California and Alaska, to dart wild mustangs from helicopters to put on radio-telemetry collars and to dart wild elk in Yellowstone. "What I hope to do is leave wildlife a little better off then when I came into this world," says Tom. "By writing and publishing, hopefully other people can then take what I have done and improve on it (stand on my shoulders if you will) and keep improving things for wildlife."

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