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Photo of Garriet Smith GARRIET SMITH

Garriet Smith teaches in the Department of Biology and Geology at the University of South Carolina-Aiken and at the Belle W. Baruch Institute for Marine Biology and Coastal Research Department of Marine Sciences, School of the Environment at the University of South Carolina-Columbia.

A South Carolina native, Garriet grew up in Charleston, where he first became interested in the ocean. He also liked music and played guitar with a traveling band called "The Counts" for two years after high school. He entered the Air Force for four years, serving in Vietnam, Libya and Germany. Afterward, he started college and received a B.S. (1976) and M.A.T. (1977) at Winthrop University in South Carolina. He then attended Clemson University and received an M.S. in Soil Microbiology (1979) and a Ph.D. in Marine Microbiology (1981). Garriet studied the interactions among microbes and seagrasses for over 20 years while at Clemson and teaching at the University of South Carolina. Now he primarily studies the interactions between microbes and corals.

Selected Publications:

G.W. Smith, L.D. Ives, I.A. Nagelkerken and K.B. Ritchie. Caribbean Sea Fan Mortalities. Nature 383:487, 1996.

I. Nagelkerken, K. Bucan, G.W. Smith, D. Harvell, K. Bonair, P. Bush, J. Garzon-Ferreira, L. Botero, P. Gayle, C. Heberer, C. Petrovic, L. Pors and P. Yoshioka. Effects of a Wide-spread Disease in Caribbean Sea Fans: II. Patterns of infection and tissue loss. Marine Ecology Progress Series. 160:255-263. 1997.

Cervino, J.M. and G.W. Smith. Corals in Peril. Ocean Realm, 42:33-35. 1997.

Goreau, T.J., A.W. Bruckner, J. Cervino, R.L. Hayes, I. Nagelkerken, J.W. Porter, K.G. Porter, L.L. Richardson, D.L. Santavy, G.W. Smith, E.H. Williams. Assessing coral reef health. (letter) Science 277: 165-166. 1997.

Cervino, J.M., T.J. Goreau, G.W. Smith, K. deMeyer, R.L. Hayes. Fast spreading new Caribbean coral disease. Reef Encounter 22: 16-18. 1997.

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