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Photo of Richard Herd RICHARD HERD

Richard Angus Herd is employed by the British Geological Survey and lives in Cumbria, England. He earned a B.Sc. at St. Andrews University in Scotland and his Ph.D. at Lancaster University in England.

Richard's study of volcanoes has taken him to sites around the world. His undergraduate thesis was a study of a volcano on Lipari (southern Italy), and his Ph.D. thesis was a study of explosion dynamics, which involved work in Pantelleria (southern Italy) and Long Valley, California. He has also completed post-doctoral work as a research assistant studying the viscosity of basaltic lavas that erupt in Hawaii. After his supervisor devised a remarkable instrument to measure this property, they tested it on the active flow fields in Hawaii. His other work with the British Geological Survey includes geochemical and mineral surveys.

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