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Photo of Susan Carey SUSAN CAREY

Susan Carey is a professor of psychology at New York University. She earned her Ph.D. from Harvard; an M.A. from London; and B.A. from Radcliffe College. Her major interests are infant cognition, cognitive development, conceptual change in childhood, and face recognition.

Susan believes that to understand conceptual development, one must characterize innate representational resources as well as the process by which children and cultures have gone beyond them. Her research concerns the evolutionary and ontogenetic origins of human knowledge in a variety of domains: number, lexical semantics, physical reasoning, and reasoning about intentional states. In her lab she use a variety of methods to characterize prelinguistic infants' conceptualization of their world. She also carries out comparative research with monkeys, using the same methods she has developed for studying human infants. Studies of conceptual change involve older children, and currently focus on three domains of knowledge: number, intuitive biology, and intuitive physics.

For more information about Susan visit her home page.

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