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Photo of Marc Hauser MARC HAUSER

Marc Hauser is a professor in the Department of Psychology and Program in Neuroscience at Harvard University. He is also a member of the Interdisciplinary Faculty of the Mind, Brain and Behavior Program at Harvard and a member of the Interdisciplinary Faculty for the Speech and Hearing Sciences Program, Mass General Hospital-Harvard-MIT. Marc received his Ph.D. at the University of California, Los Angeles, and B.S. from Bucknell University.

Marc's experiments seen on this episode of Scientific American Frontiers explore knowledge acquisition and concept formation in captive cotton-top tamarins. His current research also includes a collaborative project with Dr. R. Wrangham (Harvard) on intercommunity aggression and vocal communication in chimpanzees of the Kibale Forest, Uganda. Another collaborative project with Drs. S. Carey (NYU) (also seen on this episode of Frontiers) and E. Spelke (MIT) explores the origins of numerical competence and the object concept in human infants and nonhuman primates. With Dr. M. Tramo (Harvard Medical School), Marc is researching the neurophysiological basis of auditory categorization in rhesus monkeys.Another long-term project, initiated in 1988, researches the mechanisms underlying vocal production and perception in rhesus macaques in Cayo Santiago and in Sabana Seca, Puerto Rico.

For more information about Marc Hauser and a list of his publications, visit his website.

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