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Photo of Bernd Heinrich BERND HEINRICH

Bernd Heinrich teaches in the biology department at the University of Vermont. In addition to his teaching and research, Bernd has written ten books that share the creativity of his research with general readers. His books include In a Patch of Fireweed, Bumblebee Economics and The Thermal Warriors. His upcoming book (spring 1999) titled Mind of the Raven (Harper Collins) provides the background to his raven work seen on this episode of Scientific American Frontiers.

Heinrich explains that his interest in the natural world began when he was a small child with a huge fascination for anything alive and a desire to get close to it and understand. "That was initially possible only with 'simple' things," he explains, "and I still think in terms of simple mechanisms or building blocks."

Although he started his scientific career as a cell biologist working on protozia, he always had a passion for birds. "Looking back, I'm amazed at how my later work on insect physiology influenced my ideas of mind," he says. "One never knows where insights can come from."

Bernd Heinrich is also a former U.S. 100-mile record holder. For more about Bernd's running career, see an interview with him by James Scarborough of Ultramarathon World.

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