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1999-00 Season (1000 series)
The Frontiers Decade
Mediterranean On the Rocks!
Never Say Die
Natural Born Robots
Voyage to the Galapagos

1998-99 Season (900 series)
Life's Little Questions... And Some Very Big Answers
Animal Einsteins: How Smart Are They?
Journey to Mars: Getting There... And Back
Science in Paradise: Another Side of the Carribean

1997-98 Season (800 series)
The New Zoos: Enriching the Minds and Lives of Animals
The Art of Science: Enhancing Creativity Through Science and Technology
Nordic Sagas: Science in Scandinavia
Beyond Science? Investigations into Pseudoscience
Expedition Panama: Science at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute

1996-97 Season (700 series)
Robots Alive: Robots with Minds of Their Own
Going to Extremes: Testing Nature's Limits
Pieces of Mind: Inside the Human Brain
Science Safari: A Scientific Expedition Through Africa
Inventing the Future: A Tour of the MIT Media Lab

1995-96 Season (600 series)
21st Century Medicine: Medicine in Bits and Bytes
Creatures of the Deep: Science Under the Sea
Flying High: The Science of Flight
Dragon Science: A Scientific Expedition to China
The Wild West: Science with a Western Twist

1994-95 Season (500 series)
It's a Kid's World
Prime-Time Primates
Science Italian Style
About All You Can Eat
Life's Big Questions

1993-94 Season (400 series)
Science of Sports
Science 911
Special! Science Contests
Scientific Breakthroughs in Germany
Superhumans and Bionics

1992-93 Season (300 series)
Show 305   (including: Rescuing the Black-Footed Ferret; "Muscle-Wrap" Heart Surgery; Sailing Therapy)
Show 304 A Scientific Expedition to the Middle East
Show 303 (including: The Channel Island Fox; MIT Engineering Contest; New Research into Dyslexia; Web-Making Strategems of Spiders)
Show 302 (including: Rescuing Trapped Whales; Return of TB; Howler Monkeys Tell All; Designing a Better Wheelchair; New Methods of Freezing and Canning Vegetables)
Show 301 (including: MIT Student Engineering Competition; Botulin Toxin; Leaders and Liars; Science of Special Effects)


Scientific American Frontiers
Fall 1990 to Spring 2000
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