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Darwin's Eden

Evolving Beaks

Lizards of the Sea

Masked Killers

Paradise Lost?

Viewer Challenge

Letter from Alan Alda

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in the classroom

Voyage to the Galapagos:
Viewer Challenge Quiz

Here are the answers to the Scientific American Frontiers Show 1001: Voyage to the Galapagos Viewer Challenge:

  1. animals show an extraordinary indifference to people

  2. a

  3. b

  4. natural selection

  5. answers will vary: floating rafts of vegetation, chunks of land, brought on boats

  6. b, c

  7. c

  8. answers will vary: raising two chicks too hard on mother booby, it enables boobies to survive

  9. answers will vary; invading species or predators (dogs, rats, goats, pigs) ate eggs and hatchlings

  10. d


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