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The Green Invader

Turtle Hospital

The Paper Boat

The Sea Within the Sea

Copper Island

Viewer Challenge
in the classroom

Mediterranean On the Rocks:
Viewer Challenge Quiz

Watch the Scientific American Frontiers special Mediterranean On the Rocks (Show 1004), and then test your knowledge by answering the following questions.

"The Green Invader"

1. Marine biologists were shocked when they learned these two things about Caulerpa taxifola's behavior in the Mediterranean:
a. It spreads rapidly.
b. It has fan-shaped fronds.
c. It can survive in cold water.
d. It exhibits a remarkable color.

2. What are three methods scientists have used to try to eliminate Caulerpa from the floor of the Mediterranean?

"Turtle Hospital"

3. Identify three stresses or hazards sea turtles face today in the Mediterranean and elsewhere:

4. Scientists estimate there were once hundreds of thousands of sea turtles of various species found in the Mediterranean Sea. About how many nesting females remain today?

"The Paper Boat"

5. Ancient Egyptians used the all-purpose papyrus to make (name three items):

6. Many Neolithic (New Stone Age) cultures made tools from this volcanic glass material:
a. limestone
b. granite
c. basalt
d. obsidian
"Copper Island"

7. The metal (bronze) that made the Bronze Age possible is 90%:
a. pyrite
b. copper
c. tin
d. sulfur
8. The waste product from smelting ore is called:

"The Sea Within the Sea"

9. For the first time, acoustic recordings of the finback whales in the Mediterranean show that the whales:
a. sing complex songs.
b. stay in the Ligurian Sea.
c. are extremely endangered.
d. are identical to whales in the Atlantic.
10. Bluefin tuna and finback whales in the Mediterranean share several characteristics. Name two:



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