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The Frontiers Decade:
Scientific American Frontiers
Series Catalog

The Frontiers Decade has taken viewers on some incredible journeys to the cutting edge of scientific discovery. From the depths of Earth's oceans, to the far reaches of space, to the intricacies of the human mind, Scientific American Frontiers has been there to report on important advances in many different fields of science.

A decade of Scientific American Frontiers programs and teaching guides have been underwritten by GTE as a free resource for American teachers. Videotaping rights are granted in perpetuity for classroom use of Frontiers programs. Together, the shows and teaching guides create a long-lasting classroom resource. Below and on the next two pages, you'll find a complete catalog of Scientific American Frontiers specials, with summaries of each program provided as a reference to the entire series and to help you find further information online. You can access teaching guides for the decade of Frontiers programs here. (For information on ordering Frontiers videos, visit the PBS Online Catalog.)

1990-91 SERIES

SHOW 101
October 1990

Psychology of facial expressions and emotions. Winter survival of Arctic squirrels. Nests for homeless woodpeckers. Infant heart transplants. Physics of roller coasters.

SHOW 102
November 1990

MIT student engineering competition. Deep-diving abilities of humans and elephant seals. Growing truffles in the lab. Fighting fires with fans.

SHOW 103
December 1990

Whale communication. Brain surgery without knives. Ants vs. ants. A Frontiers challenge at the National Science Olympiad. Water power from glaciers.

SHOW 104
January 1991
Soviet Science Special

Frontiers in the former Soviet Union: Stents for clogged arteries. Saving the great bustard. Space physiology. Bronze Age archaeology. Meet the inventor of Tetris and performers at the Moscow circus.

SHOW 105
February 1991

MIT competition in Japan. Monkey psychology. Building model ecosystems. Sleep deprivation studies. A robotic arm that makes pizza.

1991-92 SERIES

SHOW 201
October 1991

Underwater human-powered submarine race. A treatment for muscular dystrophy. Sea turtle navigation. Teaching a computer to think. Art of Science: Panspermia.

SHOW 202
November 1991

Promises and problems of taxol. Better wheelchairs for athletes. Restoring the prairie ecosystem. International Aerial Robotics Competition. Ants vs. ants. Art of Science: Inside a Thunderstorm.

SHOW 203
December 1991

Rebuilding the Aleutian baidarka. Spider web strategies. Language development in deaf infants. Brain surgery without knives. Art of Science: The Geometry of Fractals.

SHOW 204
January 1992
Science in France

Sailing as rehab therapy. Replacing human bone with coral. A happier environment for hens. Disaster preparation. France's high-tech Numeris phone system, TGV train, Argos satellite. Art of Science: Computer Visualization of Paris.

SHOW 205
February 1992

Animal intelligence in chimps and parrots. The Turing Test for intelligent computers. Building nests for homeless woodpeckers. Physics of roller coasters. Art of Science: Powers of Ten.

1992-93 SERIES

SHOW 301
October 1992

MIT student engineering contest. Medical treatments with botox. Psychology of leaders and liars. Special effects at Industrial Light and Magic. Art of Science: Liquid Selves.

SHOW 302
November 1992

Rescuing trapped whales. Resurgence of TB. Howler monkeys in Costa Rica. Better wheelchairs for athletes. The science of food processing. Art of Science: Computer Visualizations.

SHOW 303
December 1992

Protecting foxes on Channel Island (Calif.). MIT international competition. Understanding dyslexia. Spider web strategies. Art of Science: Computerized Choreography.

SHOW 304
January 1993
Science in the Middle East

Coral reefs in the Red Sea. Tombs of the pyramid-builders. A Biblical garden grows in Israel. Infant-mother bonding. Migrating storks. Biofeedback in sports. Science of the Red Sea "miracle." Ancient Egyptian flutes.

SHOW 305
February 1993

Restoring the black-footed ferret to the West. Experimental cardiac surgery. Rebuilding the Aleutian baidarka. Sailing as rehab therapy. Art of Science: Colliding Galaxies.

1993-94 SERIES

SHOW 401
October 1993
Superhumans and Bionics

Stimulating paralyzed muscles. High-tech exoskeletons. A left ventricular assist device (LVAD) for the heart. Electronic eyes for victims of macular degeneration. Using brain waves to fly a plane.

SHOW 402
November 1993
Scientific Breakthroughs in Germany

Designing a van that drives itself. Understanding bird navigation. Recycling Trabant autos. Experimental brain surgery for epilepsy. Filming the flight of the dragonfly.

SHOW 403
December 1993
Science Contests

Solar-powered car race. Turing Test for intelligent computers. MIT student engineering competition. Underwater human-powered submarine races.

SHOW 404
January 1994
Science 911

Simulating car crashes. Insects in Panama's rain forests. DNA evidence solves a murder. An ozone-safe replacement for halon. Psychiatric training for NYC cops.

SHOW 405
February 1994
Science of Sports

Sneakers that help people run faster. Physics of baseball. Physiology of altitude sickness. Designing faster sailboats.

1994-95 SERIES

SHOW 501
October 1994
Life's Big Questions

How did the universe begin? Where did life on Earth come from? How did Earth get animals? Are we alone in the Universe? Will robots take over? Meet Flakey the robot and find out!

SHOW 502
November 1994
About All You Can Eat

Re-enacting Thanksgiving at Plimoth Plantation. Obesity and diabetes. Food science of corn, wheat and soy. Food diaries and weight loss. Cultivating the morel mushroom. Testing dog food.

SHOW 503
January 1995
Science Italian Style (Science in Italy)

Straightening the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Saving endangered wildlife. Long-distance robotic surgery. Octopus intelligence. The next eruption of Mt. Vesuvius. Gran Sasso particle detector. Renaissance machines.

SHOW 504
February 1995
Prime-Time Primates

Cooperation and peacemaking among non-human primates. Teaching chimps to be good mothers. Tool use among primates. Chimps that do math. The aye-aye of Madagascar. Mating practices of rhesus macaques.

SHOW 505
March 1995
It's a Kid's World

How infants learn to move. Psychology of magic. Origins of language. Understanding the mind of a child. Communication technology.

1995-96 SERIES

SHOW 601
October 1995
The Wild West

Scorpions and rattlesnakes in the desert. Forensic anthropology at the Battle of Little Bighorn. A diamond mine in the Canadian wilderness. Motion analysis of rodeo sports. A visit to Biosphere 2.

SHOW 602
November 1995
Dragon Science (Science in China)

Building the Three Gorges Dam. Producing hybrid rice. Fuzzy logic for smart cars. Traditional herbal medicine in China. Mummies of Xinjiang.

SHOW 603
January 1996
Flying High

Designing an unmanned flying wing. Evolution of insect flight. Computerized flying. Aerodynamics of bird flight. International Aerial Robotics Competition.

SHOW 604
February 1996
Creatures of the Deep

Tracking sharks. A visit to the ocean's middle depths. A blind biologist studies shell evolution. Octopus intelligence. Whale acoustics.

SHOW 605
April 1996
21st Century Medicine

Mapping the brain before surgery. Treating phobias with virtual reality. Experimental gene therapy. Robotic surgery from a distance. Stimulating paralyzed muscles.

1996-97 SERIES

SHOW 701
October 1996
Inventing the Future

Behind the scenes of the MIT Media Lab: What computers of the future might look like. Designing a smart car. Wearable computers. The Brain Opera.

SHOW 702
November 1996
Science Safari (Science in South Africa)

Archaeology in South Africa. Wildlife management. Traditional healers. The scourge of malaria. Rock art drawings by early humans.

SHOW 703
January 1997
Pieces of Mind

Work with "split-brain" patients. How the brain creates memories. False memories. The mind asleep and dreaming. Language learning in young children.

SHOW 704
February 1997
Going to Extremes

Evolution of funnel web spiders. Winter survival of fish and frogs. World's fastest animals. A visit to the ocean's middle depths. Physiology of altitude sickness.

SHOW 705
April 1997
Robots Alive!

A contest for autonomous robots. A van that drives itself. Teaching a robot to walk. Building robots from scratch. Fifth Annual International Aerial Robotics Competition.

1997-98 SERIES

SHOW 801
October 1997
Expedition Panama (Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute)

Bats in the night. Panama Canal watershed. Bee navigation. Leafcutter ants at work in the rain forest. How the Isthmus of Panama changed the Earth.

SHOW 802
November 1997
Beyond Science?

Dowsing for water. Did aliens land in Roswell? Zero-point energy. Handwriting analysis. A scientific analysis of therapeutic touch.

SHOW 803
January 1998
Nordic Sagas (Science in Scandinavia)

Viking ships. Iceland's genetic heritage. Life on the new volcanic island of Surtsey. PDAs for the disabled. Long-term consequences of the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear accident.

SHOW 804
February 1998
The Art of Science

Invention and re-invention of the glass harmonica. Digital Alan Alda. A robot that paints pictures. The Brain Opera. Restoring a sculpture by Augustus Saint-Gaudens.

SHOW 805
April 1998
The New Zoos

Roles for today's zoos. Observing primate intelligence. The New England Aquarium Medical Center. Tracking the bluefin tuna. Panda biology and behavior. A model reintroduction program for golden lion tamarins.

1998-99 SERIES

SHOW 901
October 1998
Science in Paradise (Caribbean)

Preserving endangered sea turtles. Montserrat's volcano. Steel drums in Trinidad. The Arecibo Observatory tunes into the universe. Coral reef ecosystem.

SHOW 902
November 1998
Journey to Mars

A vision for a Mars mission. NASA's inflatable space habitat. Meteorites from Mars. Physiology of weightlessness. Repairs in space. Challenges of space travel.

SHOW 903
January 1999
Animal Einsteins

Animal communication. Exploring mental abilities of animals. Non-human primates that do math. Bird intelligence. Non-human primate tool use. Self-awareness of chimps.

SHOW 904
February 1999
Life's Little Questions

Healing properties of hot peppers. Combatting jet lag with light. Aerodynamics of bees. High-tech traffic studies. Materials science of sand, nuts and coffee spills.

SHOW 905
April 1999

Cyberspiders. Jumping spiders. Evolution of funnel-web spiders. Spider colonies in the Amazon. Treating arachnophobia with virtual reality.

1999-2000 SERIES

SHOW 1001
October 1999
Voyage to the Galápagos

Frontiers visits the islands that inspired Darwin. Giant tortoises, Darwin's finches, marine iguanas, masked boobies. Challenges of maintaining biological diversity in this vulnerable region.

SHOW 1002
November 1999
Natural Born Robots

The next generation of robots: Robots modeled on nature. Robotic tuna. A Cog update. Soccer-playing robots compete.

SHOW 1003
January 2000
Never Say Die

Anti-aging research: Restricted-calorie diets. Genetics of aging. Clues from roundworms. Tissue engineering. Keeping the aging brain young.

SHOW 1004
March 2000
Mediterranean on the Rocks (Science in the Mediterranean region)

Archaeology and biology in the region. Invasive algae. Papyrus boats. Stone Age tools. Bronze Age furnace. Marine wildlife conservation.

SHOW 1005
April 2000
The Frontiers Decade

Retrospective look at where Frontiers has taken viewers over the past 10 years.


Scientific American Frontiers
Fall 1990 to Spring 2000
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