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The Frontiers Decade Guide & Resources

Happy Anniversary Scientific American Frontiers!

The Frontiers Decade is the culmination of 10 years of Frontiers programs on PBS, all underwritten by GTE. This episode will take you and your students on a TV voyage to revisit many of the scientific advancements that you saw first on Scientific American Frontiers during the past decade. You may be surprised at some of the things you'll see!

This teaching guide brings together some of the most popular activities from past Frontiers teaching guides in a "best of" collection designed to challenge and inspire you and your students. Many of the activities in this guide correspond to segments in this Frontiers special -- and some (like the contests) are included just for fun, as perennial teacher favorites. We hope you enjoy this special opportunity to celebrate Scientific American Frontiers's 10-year anniversary!

  • Contests and Competitions: King of the Hill; build a simple lifting machine; design your own flying machine; Leaning Tower challenge.

  • CyberDecade (running time 1:24): Design a robot.

  • Wonders of the World (running time 10:54): Become a backyard naturalist; decode symbols in a visual balancing act.

  • Archaeology Decade (running time 4:28): Interpret Bronze Age artifacts; build a model of an Aleutian baidarka.

  • Medical Decade (running time 9:10): Communicate using an alphabet board.

  • Environment Decade (running time 11:07): Study the behavior of local animal species.

  • Decade in Space (running time 7:44): Build a Mars lander.

    Scientific American Frontiers Series Catalog: Looking for past episodes of Frontiers? You'll find them here. A complete listing of every Frontiers show produced over the past decade!

  • Read a special letter to educators from GTE, the series underwriter of Scientific American Frontiers.


Scientific American Frontiers
Fall 1990 to Spring 2000
Sponsored by GTE Corporation,
now a part of Verizon Communications Inc.