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The Eternal Wing

Taking to the Air

Cockpit Confusion

Bird Man


Viewer Challenge
in the classroom

FLYING HIGH: Viewer Challenge

Watch Scientific American Frontiers show "Flying High," and test your knowledge by answering these questions.

The Eternal Wing

    1. How much solar energy does the Pathfinder use?

    2. What part of the atmosphere presents the toughest challenge for the Pathfinder?
Taking to the Air

    3. Flying insects make up what percentage of all species on Earth?

    4. What evolutionary phases does biologist James Marden believe led to flying insects?
Cockpit Confusion

    5. What is meant by "mode confusion"?

    6. What problem is engineer John Hansman's new instrument designed to correct?
Bird Man

    7. What is the fundamental design difference between birds and airplanes?

    8. What bird-like "tricks" are common in most airplane designs?

    9. Describe the task the robots must accomplish.

    10. What device does the winning team use to help its robot locate the puck?
Check your answers!


Scientific American Frontiers
Fall 1990 to Spring 2000
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