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destination: galapagos islands
from mir to mars
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cool science

Welcome to Cool Science, a scientific playground! Get ready for science explorations, challenges and contests! Put on your cyber lab coat and experiment with these exciting activities:
  • Check out the Science Thing, a brain-tingling interactive activity.

  • Come on a cyber field trip to the "enchanted islands" in Destination: Galapagos Islands.

  • Experience a webcast with Alan Alda (on Earth) and NASA astronaut Andy Thomas (on the Mir Space Station) in From Mir to Mars.

  • What do you want to be when you grow up? You could make a living peering into volcanoes or swimming with sea turtles if you choose one of our Cool Careers in Science.


Scientific American Frontiers
Fall 1990 to Spring 2000
Sponsored by GTE Corporation,
now a part of Verizon Communications Inc.