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Andrew Thomas is the seventh and last U.S. astronaut to live aboard Mir. NASA sent its astronauts to Mir as part of International Space Station Phase 1, designed to examine how life in space would work in terms of cooperation between various countries and personnel aboard a space station and the day-to-day operating procedure of a space station, and to investigate the effects of long-term stays in space on the human body and on plants and animals.

Dr. Thomas's trip was his second space flight and Endeavour's first docking with Mir. Before Dr. Thomas arrived at Mir, the U.S. astronauts who stayed there were:

Norman Thagard
Launch: March 14, 1995
Landing: July 7, 1995

Shannon Lucid
Launch: March 22, 1996
Landing: September 26, 1996

John Blaha
Launch: September 16, 1996
Landing: January 27, 1997

Jerry Linenger
Launch:January 12, 1997
Landing: May 24, 1997

Mike Foale
Launch: May 15, 1997
Landing: October 5, 1997

David Wolf
Launch: September 25, 1997
Landing: January 31, 1998