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Destination: Galapagos Islands Cyber Field Trip
Welcome to the Destination: Galapapagos Islands

Bienvenidos a Galapagos!

Welcome to Destination: Galapagos Islands! This website will take you to a place of true scientific wonder. The Galapagos Islands have been central to the study of biological adaptation since Charles Darwin visited there in 1835. In this unique location, so abundant with fascinating science stories, you'll join host Alan Alda, the Frontiers crew, scientists and School Program ambassadors Sherri Steward and Mandy Williams for the filming of Voyage to the Galapagos, a science special that aired on October 5, 1999, at 8 p.m. ET on PBS. This expedition is a first-ever opportunity for teachers, students and other Frontiers fans to take a behind-the-scenes look at the making of a Frontiers special! Before you set out on your adventure, take some time to learn more about your companions and your travel plans.

A Special Welcome to Educators

Your Galapagos Islands Itinerary

Meet the Expedition Team

To Navigate This Site
Use the navigational links on the left to visit areas of the Destination: Galapagos Islands website. Use the navigational links across the top of each page to visit areas within the Scientific American Frontiers Archives. The Frontiers site includes information about past and upcoming science specials on PBS.

About the Cyber Field Trip
The Destination: Galapagos Islands cyber field trip is an extension of the Frontiers School Program, a curriculum support initiative for teachers and students across the country. The Scientific American Frontiers television series and companion School Program, Fall 1990 through Spring 2000, were both fully underwritten by GTE Corporation. The series is produced by The Chedd-Angier Production Company in association with Scientific American magazine.


Scientific American Frontiers
Fall 1990 to Spring 2000
Sponsored by GTE Corporation,
now a part of Verizon Communications Inc.