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Destination: Galapagos Islands Cyber Field Trip

Mandy Williams' Expedition Journal
Day Three

Click on the photo to see an enlargement.

Alan Alda and crew getting ready to filmToday has been another very exciting day. Breakfast was served later than usual, which was nice because it meant that Sherri and I got to sleep in a little bit. Once we were up, though, we found ourselves with plenty to do to begin preparing for the day. Breakfast was short but good. I think I'm probably going to be spoiled by the food here once I leave. Fresh fruit and bread was just what I needed to start off the day.

First we traveled to the island of Floreana, where we were greeted on the beach by a sea lion who didn't seem to mind our presence ... until we woke her from her nap. Then she got up and made her way down to the surf.Alan Alda and crew getting ready to film

Next we had a chance to speak with naturalist Dr. Lynn Fowler. She explained to us about a couple of flowers that are very unique. They are completely indigenous to the island, meaning they can be found nowhere else in the world.

I had an opportunity to speak to her on my own for a moment and asked her about an interesting object that I had found on the beach. Once she removed the dead seaweed from it, I could get a better look. She explained to me that it was a type of sea urchin.The crew is always filming

Then we came back for lunch. That was very interesting because they served what's called suckling pig. That's where the whole pig is cooked and they stuff an apple or some other fruit in its mouth. Then they serve the meat right off the table. I wasn't quite prepared for that since it's not really customary in America. In fact the only other place I've ever seen or heard of it is in Hawaii. Anyway, aside from the pig, the rest of the meal was wonderful as usual.

Alan Alda and crew getting ready to filmAfter lunch we went back out on the boat with the film crew to shoot Alan snorkeling. We got some cute pictures of that as well. I stayed out of the water today, which was a good thing because it was pretty cool and windy. Alan and Lynn went out and swam all the way around a beautiful giant rock. They looked pretty tired when they returned to the boat, however.

Alan Alda and crew getting ready to filmSherri and I were on a boat called the Beagle. It had a rustic feel to it that I liked. The birds and pelicans in the area were flocking over to us to say hi. Some of them landed on a nearby dingy. They really were very neat looking up close. The pelicans in the water were quite feisty when it came to eating. They fought each other pretty hard over the fish that they were catching. I wouldn't have wanted to be in the middle of those fights. They sure have some very long and very sharp beaks.

We sure had a lot of fun today with the filming and answering the e-mails. It's just such a beautiful place down here, and everyone is so great. Lynn has been a great help, and it's amazing to me how much she knows about the islands. I never tire of hearing new scientific facts about them. Anyway, its time to get cleaned up and get ready for dinner. Tomorrow is another big day and I want to be well rested!

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