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Destination: Galapagos Islands Cyber Field Trip
Destination: Galapapagos Islands Cyber Field Trip

Do you have a question for one of the scientists on the expedition? Read the Q & A's conducted during the cyber field trip. Your answer may already be there.

Experience the Galapagos Islands through the Expedition Journals of Frontiers School Program Ambassadors Sherri Steward and Mandy Williams. You'll also be able to look at photos and watch video clips that were sent daily from the Galapagos Islands during the expedition.

So you've read all about the Galapagos Islands and now you think you're an expert? Find out for sure by taking a Science Scavenger Hunt.

Be prepared: To view the video clips in the Expedition Journals, your computer will need to have RealPlayer software installed. RealPlayer is a free video player available online from RealNetworks. RealNetworks also sells a version of their software called RealPlayer Plus. You do not need RealPlayer Plus to experience the video clips on the Scientific American Frontiers website. If you do not have RealPlayer installed on your computer, please install it now.


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