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Destination: Galapagos Islands Cyber Field Trip

Check out these related experiments and activities from previous Scientific American Frontiers teaching guides.

Science in Paradise: Paradise Postponed (Show 901)
Build a mini-volcano that uses a chemical reaction to simulate an eruption.

Nordic Sagas: Island Life (Show 803)
Two activities demonstrate the creation of volcanic islands and how life "invades" an island.

Science Safari: The First People (Show 702)
Use inference skills to solve evolutionary riddles.

Science Italian Style: All in the Family (Show 503)
This lesson creates a simulated DNA analysis and explores issues about endangered species.

Science Italian Style: Eruption! (Show 503)
This activity demonstrates how the composition of a liquid (such as magma from volcanoes) affects its viscosity.

Life's Big Questions: How Did Earth Get Animals? (Show 501)
Through an experiment in half-life, learn how microscopic life evolved into big animals in a relatively short time.

Rescuing the Black-Footed Ferret (Show 305)
Play the "Ferret Survival Game" to understand the challenges of surviving in the wild. This game can be adapted to simulate the environmental challenges of the Galapagos Islands.

The Channel Island Fox (Show 303)
Make a 3-D Model of the Galapagos Islands.


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