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  • Lost Twin Cities III

    Lost Twin Cities III

    Lost Twin Cities III revisits treasured Twin Cities places that no longer exist: The Minneapolis and St. Paul Auditoriums, Charlie's Cafe Exceptionale, the Cooper Theatre, the Aqua Follies and more.

  • Lost Twin Cities

    Lost Twin Cities

    Clearing out the old and making way for the new. Buildings have come and gone in Minneapolis and St. Paul. But sometimes this happens before we have the opportunity to appreciate them. This is the story of the buildings lost in the Twin Cities.

  • Lost Twin Cities II

    Lost Twin Cities II

    After World War II, people wanted to pursue the good life with houses in the suburbs, big cars cruising up and down streets and fast food places like Porky's. Aviation also expanded with bombers modified into luxury liners for Northwest Airlines.

  • Sandpiper Pipeline, Lost Twin Cities 4, primary preview

    Sandpiper Pipeline, Lost Twin Cities 4, primary preview

    Sandpiper Pipeline debate, medical marijuana update, Sneak peek at Lost Twin Cities 4, Lowertown Guitar festival, Jim Ragsdale essay, political panel

  • Minn. Sculptor Chisels Out Larger-Than-Life Works

    From Minnesota's Twin Cities Public Television, producer Emily Goldberg profiles the larger-than-life sculptor Zoran Mojsilov. The Yugoslavia native and former wrestler's art "expresses humanity in its varied forms: in nature, in love, and even in war."

  • The Wrap | Twin Kitties

    The Wrap | Twin Kitties

    The Twin Kitties from the Twin Cities dazzled us with puppetry on this week's web-only segment.

  • UMore Display Gardens

    UMore Display Gardens

    UMore Park is a University of Minnesota Display and Trial garden located in Rosemount, Minn., 35 miles southwest of the Twin Cities. The park is fast becoming a destination for gardening enthusiasts and researchers. Barbara Stendahl, Minnesota Extension Service Master Gardener emeritus, gives a tour of the different aspects of the park and its current programs. Larry Zilliox hosts.

  • Haley Bonar

    Haley Bonar

    From the Twin Cities, it's our great pleasure to share the wit and warmth of singer-songwriter Haley Bonar (BON-are). Minnesotans have adopted the talented, 25-year-old singer/songwriter/producer. Her new record, "Big Star," is an incandescent mix of laments, country stomp, and guitar-crunching folk.

  • The Get Rites

    The Get Rites

    From the Twin Cities and in the tradition of the late Gram Parsons and Uncle Tupelo, the Get Rites make twang with a bang. With Snare drum, cymbal, guitar and double bass, the stripped-down trio makes a big country sound. Dirty Linen Magazine describes the group as, "masters of the no-excuses, no-holds-barred, folk-blues-roots, Americana music."

  • Down On Skid Row, A Tape's Rolling! Special

    Down On Skid Row, A Tape's Rolling! Special

    John Bacich's camera captures the drinking, poverty, violence and camaraderie on skid row. His narration and images reveal the human faces behind what was a largely unseen element of society, while also giving today's audiences a fascinating, unglamorous look at the Twin Cities of yesteryear.

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