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  • Golf's Grand Design Trailer

    Golf's Grand Design Trailer

    GOLF'S GRAND DESIGN examines the history and role of golf course architecture in America and the unique relationship between the people who play the game and the places where they play.

  • Golf's Grand Design - Preview

    Golf's Grand Design - Preview

    Examine the history of American golf course architecture and the relationship between golfers and courses. 8/3/2012

  • Jack Nicklaus On Golf Course Architecture

    Jack Nicklaus On Golf Course Architecture

    Champion golfer and golf course architect Jack Nicklaus talks about his approach to golf course design, including how his playing career influenced his course design approach. Nicklaus talks about making each course aesthetically pleasing and making sure each design is fair, fun and playable for golfers at all skill levels.

  • National Golf Links of America

    National Golf Links of America

    The National Golf Links of America in Southampton, Long Island, is one of the most important early golf course designs in America. Charles Blair Macdonald, who is known as the Father of Golf Course Architecture in America, modeled National Golf Links after the best holes and features he saw while touring Scotland, Ireland and England. It opened for play in 1909.

  • Bill Coore at Sand Hills

    Bill Coore at Sand Hills

    The design firm of Coore & Crenshaw are responsible for some of the most natural looking golf course designs in America. Bill Coore provides an overview of some of the features of the Sand Hills Golf Club in Nebraska, including how the architects used many of the naturally occurring features of the land in the design of the course.

  • David McLay Kidd

    David McLay Kidd

    Scottish architect David McLay Kidd discusses his design of the first course at Bandon Dunes Golf Resort along the coastline of Oregon. Kidd provides a tour and overview of several of the most memorable holes at Bandon Dunes and talks about how he wants his golf course designs to be "an exploration of a landscape."

  • Extended Interview with Tom Doak

    Extended Interview with Tom Doak

    Golf course architect Tom Doak, who built two of the courses at Bandon Dunes, is one of the primary advocates of the minimalist approach to course design. In this extended interview he talks about how he got interested in golf course architect, how an internship in college allowed him to study courses in Scotland, and the influence those Scottish course designs have had on his career.

  • Pinehurst No. 2

    Pinehurst No. 2

    Pinehurst No. 2 was completed by Donald Ross in 1902. Ross, one of America's most influential golf course architects, redesigned the course in 1934 in preparation for the 1935 PGA Championship. In 2010, the design firm of Coore & Crenshaw restored the Pinehurst No. 2 to Ross' original design. In 2014 Pinehurst No.2 will host the men's and women's U.S. Open Championships on consecutive weekends.

  • Shadow Creek

    Shadow Creek

    A montage of Shadow Creek in Las Vegas. This course was the vision of casino/hotel owner Steve Wynn. It was designed by Tom Fazio at a cost of more than $40 million. Shadow Creek literally grew out of the barren Las Vegas desert and is a prime example of Fazio's "total site manipulation" design approach. Virtually all of the trees, water features and mounds were created as part of the design.

  • Jack Nicklaus on the Future of Golf

    Jack Nicklaus on the Future of Golf

    Champion golfer and course designer , Jack Nicklaus talks about the challenges facing the game including the high cost of playing golf, the amount of time it takes to play a round of golf, the challenges many average players face playing difficult courses, and the competition from other entertainment sources, especially for young people.

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