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Searching For Asian America
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Discussion 1: Asian American IdentityDiscussion 2: Beyond the Model Minority Myth
Experts Respond
The Experts
Quang BaoMitra KalitaSheryl LevartHelen ZiaMonami MaulikFranklin OdoRinku Sen

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The Experts Respond

QUESTION: What is the biggest challenge facing Asian Americans today?

QUANG: The one-word answer I would like to give - because it is such a meaty question - would be invisibility.

SHERYL: This ties directly into invisibility for me, it's political mobilization.

HELEN: I'll just add, a willingness and enthusiasm to explode all the myths about us in every way we can, including the most radical ways. And to not hold back. I see a lot of holding back by Asian Americans and holding each other back, too.


Discussion 1: Asian American Identity

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