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Searching For Asian America
Kim, the ANGRY LITTLE ASIAN GIRL, interviewing Lela Lee, drawn by Lela Lee. Cartoon rendering of Lela Lee, drawn by Lela Lee. Kim, ANGRY LITTLE ASIAN GIRL, having an angry moment, drawn by Lela Lee

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Kim vs. Lela
Angry Little Asian Girl: Lela Lee
Kim vs. Lela

We've created a [really cute] monster...
[or Lela Lee, you've created a monster]
[or ANGRY LITTLE ASIAN GIRL, meet your creator...]

Breaking down barriers, as seen in Searching for Asian America, is what cartoonist/actress Lela Lee relishes most. We thought it might be interesting to see what happened if we gave her comic alterego, Kim, a chance to get out of HER box and confront her creator.

Not suprisingly, this Angry Little Girl had a lot to get off her chest. Click below for an animated exlusive, web-original created by Lela Lee. Plug in your flash and enjoy!

This feature requires a flash plugin, please download here if you are not enabled. FLASH DOWNLOAD.

Flash Animation
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