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Searching For Asian America
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Through intimate profiles of individuals and communities from across the country, this 90-minute program serves up a genuine taste of what it's like to be Asian American in today's ever-changing United States. Hosted by popular "Today" host, Ann Curry.

From his inauspicious beginnings as the son of Chinese immigrants to becoming the leader of his home state, Washington, Governor Gary Locke is living the American Dream, but his is a complicated tale that attests to both the benefits and burdens of being "the first."

Martin Bautista and Jeffrey Lim are Filipino immigrant doctors living in the predominantly Caucasian, hog-farming American heartland of Guymon, Oklahoma. As their story unfolds, it's apparent that being Asian American in a rural town is both more challenging and more rewarding than either could have expected.

Lela Lee is a successful actress and creator of the underground comic and website "Angry Little Girls." Just as the irreverent cartoon portrays Kim, an Asian American girl with attitude, this episode introduces Lee, an Asian American woman with attitude as well as big plans and hopeful dreams.

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