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Art, history, politics...all are essential when SEARCHING FOR ASIAN AMERICA. So, it's time to put yourself to the test! How well do you know Asian America? Try out your knowledge on the following quiz. Then click the submit button to see how well you fared.

Quiz questions courtesy of Wilfred Lim and Nihonmachi Legal Outreach.

1. In 1948, Asian Americans dominated what Olympic athletic event for both men and women?

A. Fencing
B. Diving
C. Judo

2. Before Arnold, an Asian American held the title of Mr. Universe in 1955, 1957 and 1961. Who is he?

A. Tommy Kono
B. Bruce Lee
C. Akebono

3. Who was the first Asian/Pacific Islander to win an Olympic medal for the United States?

A. Sammy Lee
B. Duke Kahanomoku
C. Kristi Yamaguchi

4. What 1960's and 1970's pop group featured a Filipino American as one of their co-lead singers?

A. The Mamas and the Papas
B. The Association
C. Jefferson Airplane

5. Name the Individual who appeared as the Time Magazine Person of the Year in 1996?

A. Tiger Woods
B. Dr. David Ho
C. Dr. Wen Ho Lee

6. Who was the first Asian American to serve in the U.S. Congress?

A. Dalip Singh Saund
B. Mike Honda
C. Norman Mineta

7. Who was the first Asian American woman to serve in the Congress?

A. Patsy Mink
B. Barbara Lee
C. Elaine Chow

8. What is the name of the famous 1886 U.S. Supreme Court case which developed the equal protection principle that a law, fair on paper, may be ruled unconstitutional because it is applied in an unfair manner?

A. Yick Wo v. Hopkins
B. Plessy v. Ferguson
C. Brown v. Board of Education

9. Who were the first Asians to immigrate and settle in the United States?

A. Filipino
B. Chinese
C. Japanese

10. Name the first Asian American woman to become CEO of a Fortune 500 Company?

A. Christine Poon
B. Andrea Jung
C. Indra Nooyi

11. Who was the first Asian American to win a Pulitzer Prize?

A. Huynh Cong Ut
B. K.W. Lee
C. Connie Chung

12. Name the Asian American who has been nominated for an Academy Award on ten separate occasions?

A. Pat Morita
B. James Wong Howe
C. James Shigeta

13. Name the Asian American who served as the Army Chief of Staff?

A. Eric Shinseki
B. Dan Inouye
C. Thomas Tang

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