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Searching For Asian America
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This education section accompanies the program SEARCHING FOR ASIAN AMERICA, a 90-minute program that serves up a genuine taste of what it's like to be Asian American in today's ever-changing United States.

These pages consist of three learning activities designed for 7th-12th grade social studies and language arts teachers. Each activity offers extensions and online resources. The activities are best used once students have viewed the film or individual program segments. Each activity can be modified, if necessary, to address younger students' learning levels.

The activities incorporate the film's specific focus on Asian Americans, while allowing students to venture beyond obvious themes to examine the program's concepts more globally.

When reviewing Gary Locke's status as the first Asian American governor, students consider leadership qualities and their relationship to ethnicity.

Lela Lee's comic commentary on Asian American and other societal issues gives students an opportunity to address personal, community, or global concerns in a similar fashion.

The activity based on the Filipino American doctors has students delve into the challenges that immigrants typically face when coming to the United States.

We trust that students will enjoy and gain perspective on the Asian American experience from these learning activities.

The following are educational guides accessible through Adobe Acrobat Reader. Please click on the following links to download the pdf. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, please download the reader at the indicated place.



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