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Shakespeare for Elementary Students

Quick Tips
Quick and easy ideas to help get you started.

Scrappy Scrapbooks
How can students connect to Shakespeare's characters? A case study by Lauren Kane, fourth grade teacher.

The Love of the Language
Elementary students "play" with Shakespeare's language. A case study by Lynne Streeter, Folger Shakespeare Library.

To Perform or Not to Perform? That is the Question
The keys to a successful play with children. A case study by Paria M. Akhavan, fourth grade teacher.

Elementary, My Dear Shakespeare
There are many ways to help children explore Shakespeare. An in-depth article by Janet Field-Pickering, Head of Education, Folger Shakespeare Library.

The Nature of Writing and the Writing of Nature
Shakespeare's poetry is a natural match for younger students. A lesson plan by Anne Turner, Folger Shakespeare Library.

Shakespeare for Elementary Students

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Shakespeare for elementary students
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