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Lesson Plans

The lesson plans offered in this section are designed to enrich classroom study of Shakespeare's plays and Elizabethan England. The lessons can be used as stand-alone resources or in conjunction with the PBS series, "In Search of Shakespeare." The activities were created by a team of educators for use in elementary or secondary school classroom settings.

If you are using the lesson plans with the program, be sure to preview all four episodes before showing them to your class. You can find episode descriptions here. Each lesson plan incorporates specific program segments-including approximate time codes - to help you plan your lesson. Additionally, the lesson plans suggest ways to use the content on this Web site with your students, and to increase your own subject area knowledge.

Shakespeare for Elementary Students

The Nature of Writing and the Writing of Nature
Shakespeare's poetry is a natural match for younger students. A lesson plan by Anne Turner, Folger Shakespeare Library.

Shakespeare on Film

Comparing Film Adaptations
Using different versions of "Hamlet" in the classroom. A lesson plan by Tom Fitzgerald, high school English teacher.

Shakespearean Comedy on Film
Examine the different types of humor in Shakespeare's plays. A lesson plan by Tom Fitzgerald, high school English teacher.

Teaching Shakespeare with Technology

Images of Othello: A Shakespearean WebQuest
Use the Web to analyze Shakespeare's characters. A lesson plan by Michael LoMonico, editor, Shakespeare magazine.

Standing on the Bookshelves of Giants
Use modern media technologies to create dramatic performances. A lesson plan by Sean Cavasos-Kottke, high school English teacher.

Shakespeare's Language

Language Arts: Shakespeare's Sonnets
Modernizing Shakespeare's sonnets. A lesson plan by Joan Snyder, high school teacher.

The "Punny" Language of Shakespeare
Understanding Shakespeare's puns. A lesson plan by Jan Madden.

Teaching Shakespeare with Primary Sources

Advice From 400 Years Ago
Use a document on parenting from 1615 to enhance "Romeo and Juliet." A lesson plan by Judith Elstein.


Shakespearean "Conversations"
Write and perform "conversations" based on Shakespeare's language. A lesson plan by Michael LoMonico, editor, Shakespeare magazine.

Performance First
The most effective pedagogy for enabling students to enjoy, understand, and learn from Shakespeare's plays is to perform them. A lesson plan by Judith Elstein.

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