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Quick Tips
Quick and easy ideas to help get you started.

"Hamlet" for English Language Learners: The Photo-Performance Project
Performance doesn't necessarily have to be "live." A case study by Mary Ellen Dakin, high school teacher.

"A Hit, a Very Palpable Hit": Stage Combat for Student Performers
Incorporating stage combat into performance can be fun and safe. A case study by Jeff Schober, high school teacher.

It's All in the Concept: The World of the Play in Middle School
Inspire performance by promoting a sense of "ownership" of the scene. A case study by Stacie Beard, middle school teacher.

Discovery Through Performance
There is no "right" way to perform Shakespeare. An in-depth article by Caleen Sinnette Jennings, professor and director of Theatre/Music Theatre at American University.

Shakespearean "Conversations"
Write and perform "conversations" based on Shakespeare's language. A lesson plan by Michael LoMonico, editor, Shakespeare magazine.

Performance First
The most effective pedagogy for enabling students to enjoy, understand, and learn from Shakespeare's plays is to perform them. A lesson plan by Judith Elstein.


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