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Reclaiming the Blackfriars

Twelfth Night performed by The Royal Shakespeare Company
"Twelfth Night" performed at Middle Temple
Despite serious opposition from the neighbors, Shakespeare and his company, The King's Men acquire the Blackfriars as their first indoor theatre. This new venue calls for amendments to be made in the staging of some plays and also increases the range of special lighting and sound effects that can be employed. It is thought that "King Lear" was rewritten for this indoor stage.

At Blackfriars, Shakespeare begins working with the court lutenist, Robert Johnson, a relation of the Bossano musical dynasty, in order to blend some of the appeal of the Boy's Companies' accomplished musical treatments into his own work. The effect is both striking and novel, resulting in songs like Full Fathom Five from "The Tempest."

Best of all, the Blackfriars offers a venue for all-weather entertainment. In tandem with The Globe the Blackfriars will greatly increase the company's revenue.


Blackfriars, LondonBlackfriars, London

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