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Last words

Based on Chaucer's "Knight's Tale," "The Two Noble Kinsmen" (a further collaboration with John Fletcher, possibly William's creative heir apparent), was written about the same time as The Globe theatre was being rebuilt.

Seemingly written in a hurry, even Shakespeare's co-author seems doubtful about its merits suggesting there will be "better plays in the future."

As his last known work, it may be then that following passage from "The Two Noble Kinsmen," an address to the gods, is the last speech Shakespeare ever wrote for the stage:

Oh you heavenly charmers,
What things you make of us! For what we lack
We laugh, for what we have are sorry, still
Are children in some kind. Let us be thankful
For that which is, and with you leaves disputes
That are above our question. Let's go off
And bear us like the time.

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