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A rebellion in the North

torch lit procession
Torch lit procession
In November, following months of crisis, which started with the defeat of Mary Queen of Scots in Scotland and her flight to England, an atmosphere of paranoia and suspicion blights the land. Mary, a Catholic, who has thrown herself upon the "hospitality" of Protestant Elizabeth I, is perceived as a threat to the throne and moved to the Midlands. Security in the region is upgraded, and men from all over the area, including Stratford, are drafted for rudimentary military training in case the feared rebellion in support of Mary breaks out.

Spain is expected to take full advantage of any rebellion in England to launch its own invasion and thus re-establish the Catholic faith in the country.

interior of Durham Cathedral
Durham Cathedral
Rumors pile upon rumors until November, when the rebellion finally breaks out. Noblemen loyal to the Catholic faith enter Durham and celebrate Catholic mass in the cathedral.

In response, Mary is moved to Coventry, and Elizabeth's new army marches north to crush the rebellion. Faced by Elizabeth's army the rebellion quickly evaporates. The rising has, however, resolved Elizabeth to hasten her own program of reform, and historic Catholic areas like Warwickshire pay the price, with known sympathizers made to flee and the final relics of Catholicism confiscated or destroyed. In Stratford itself one schoolmaster at William's school is sacked and the curate is forced to leave.


Mary Queen of Scots portraitMary Queen of Scots

Elizabeth IElizabeth I


Holy Trinity Church, Stratford-upon-AvonStratford upon Avon, Warwickshire

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