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The Shakespeare Dossier

The Shakespeare Dossier Timeline

Explore the events that shaped the man behind the words. Find out more about the people he knew and the world that he lived in...

In the making of "In Search of Shakespeare," Michael Wood and the Maya Vision Production team undertook an enormous task. While much is known about the works of William Shakespeare, information about the man behind the words can be hard to find. Separating fact from rumor can be even harder.

Michael Wood at desk
Michael Wood, immersed
in the sixteenth-century
The Dossier is one result of the countless hours of research that went into show. Arranged in chronological order, the dossier timeline provides details of the key events that shaped the life of William Shakespeare.

In exploring the timeline you will also find links to the biographies of the people involved, the places that they knew and the documentary evidence that helps untangle fact from fiction:

Explore the Dossier timeline

The Fribbling Reports

The Fribbling Reports are an entertaining exploration of the life and times of the most famous writer in history. Set in 1584, we follow John Fribbling, an entirely fictional agent of the State, in his dogged and ineffectual pursuit of one William Shakespeare, suspected Papist, known thinker.

While John Fribbling never actually existed, and there is no evidence that William Shakespeare was actively investigated by spies of the state, Shakespeare did live in a time of suspicion and paranoia in a country that was undergoing political, religious and social upheaval. Spies were everywhere; persecution was rife.

The characters and events that Fribbling describes are as real and as accurate as possible, based on the extensive research of Michael Wood and the production team during the making of "In Search of Shakespeare." Our fictional Agent Fribbling provides an entertaining account of the society that existed 400 years ago.

letters in a box
The Fribbling Reports
Read the entertainingly erratic, and frequently bizarre, Fribbling reports.

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