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Birth and death

Michelangelo dies
Galileo and William Shakespeare are born

a baptism at Holy Trinity ChurchThe Bard is born

Around April 23rd, in Stratford-upon-Avon, John Shakespeare and his wife Mary take delivery of a son...


The end of the quill?

The manufacture of pencils begins
La Vallette holds Malta successfully against the Turks
Spaniards destroy a Huguenot colony in Florida
Akbar extends Mughal power to Deccan


Rebellion in Spain

Unrest in the Netherlands
Rebellion and suppression of Christianized Moors in Spain


Mary: Ex-Queen of Scots

Mary Queen of Scots forced to Abdicate
Akbar conquers Chitor
London becomes the heart of a rising new professional theatre with the opening of the Red Lion

a Councilor in Stratford-upon-AvonJohn Shakespeare elected Bailiff of Stratford

The career of William's father seems to be on the rise, but not all of his activities are strictly legal...


The Queen's Men reach Stratford

Union of Lublin establishes political unity in Poland
Gerard Mercator's map of the world founds modern cartography
The Queen's players visit Stratford

torch lit processionA rebellion in the North

Following months of crisis, which started with the defeat of Mary Queen of Scots, an atmosphere of paranoia and suspicion blights the land...


Catholicism "disappeared"

In Stratford, a retainer of Sir Thomas Lucy is appointed steward of the town, and all remaining signs of Stratford's Catholic heritage are ordered removed


Spain takes the Philippines

Battle of Lepanto; Austrians end Turkish sea power in central Mediterranean
Spanish conquer the Philippines
Portuguese create colony in Angola

a cross in Holy Trinity ChurchElizabeth I excommunicated

When Pope Pious V excommunicated Elizabeth I and declared her illegitimate, he merely made the climate for England's Catholics that bit harsher...
exterior of King Edward VI School Stratford-upon-AvonWilliam starts school

Boys normally began attending grammar school at the age of seven, and William would have been entitled to attend Stratford's local corporation funded school as the son of a bailiff...


a baptism at Holy Trinity Church1564-1571

Stratford Council1572-1578

interior of Baddesley Clinton, circa 19001579-1582

exterior of The Tower of London1583-1586

The Globe Theatre, London1587-1593

Julian Glover and Adrian Schiller in King Lear1594-1597

rebuilding of The Globe Theatre, London1598-1601

Richard II, close up of crown1602-1607

quills on a desk1608-1613

grave stone1614-1616

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