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Drake strikes the Spanish

Dutch revolt against Spain in war of liberation
Francis Drake begins attacks on Spanish harbors in America

wool scaleJohn Shakespeare fined

Will's father John, seemingly a respectable glover and public servant, is fined for making an illegal wool purchase...


Drake: Pacific in sight

Jesuits begin counterreformation in Fulda
Drake sees the Pacific Ocean from Isthmus of Panama
Akbar annexes Gujarat


War in France

Fifth war of religion in France


Spain bankrupt! Again!

Elizabeth I declines sovereignty of the Netherlands
Second national bankruptcy of Spain
Child labor abolished in Hungarian mines
Akbar conquers Bengal

conspirators seen through a windowArden insults Leicester

Edward Arden gives a clear demonstration of how to make enemies among the rich, powerful and influential...


Antwerp under attack

Edict of Beaulieu allows reformed religions in France, except Paris
Spaniards sack Antwerp
Pacification of Ghent unites all Dutch provinces against Spain

a cross in Holy Trinity ChurchJohn Shakespeare's fall from grace begins

England's wool trade collapses, resulting in financial hardship for people like John Shakespeare, who had previously illegally traded in wool...


Drake leaves England

Drake begins voyage around the world
Dutch painter Rubens is born

Stratford CouncilJohn Shakespeare's troubles continue

With England's economy in a slump and disillusionment with Elizabeth's rule spreading, the collapse of the wool trade is still impacting on the Shakespeares...
exterior of King Edward VI School Stratford-upon-AvonWilliam forced to leave school

While he would normally have been expected to continue his studies until he was sixteen, William Shakespeare was probably forced to leave school early in this year...


A long cold winter

Russians cross the Urals
Portuguese power destroyed in N.W. Africa

In England, a very hard winter leads to heavy snow and frost. The resulting thaw causes flooding in London


a baptism at Holy Trinity Church1564-1571

Stratford Council1572-1578

interior of Baddesley Clinton, circa 19001579-1582

exterior of The Tower of London1583-1586

The Globe Theatre, London1587-1593

Julian Glover and Adrian Schiller in King Lear1594-1597

rebuilding of The Globe Theatre, London1598-1601

Richard II, close up of crown1602-1607

quills on a desk1608-1613

grave stone1614-1616

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