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The Globe is reborn

Civil war in France for three months
Virginian colonists prevent French settlements in Maine and Nova Scotia
The Globe is rebuilt
The Hope Theatre opens


France at war with itself

Second civil war in France


End of days

Cervantes, author of "Don Quixote," dies
Manchu Tartars invade China
The Native American princess Pocahontas (Matoaka) visits England
Cockpit Theatre opens

William Shakespeare's tombstoneShakespeare shuffles off this mortal coil

It is believed William Shakespeare died in Stratford somewhere around April 22nd or 23rd. The cause of his death is as yet unknown...


a baptism at Holy Trinity Church1564-1571

Stratford Council1572-1578

interior of Baddesley Clinton, circa 19001579-1582

exterior of The Tower of London1583-1586

The Globe Theatre, London1587-1593

Julian Glover and Adrian Schiller in King Lear1594-1597

rebuilding of The Globe Theatre, London1598-1601

Richard II, close up of crown1602-1607

quills on a desk1608-1613

grave stone1614-1616

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