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Fribbling report part 7

John Fribbling is a fictional character. Despite his non-existence, the characters and events that he describes are, to the best of our knowledge, true and accurate...

1590, London

To Sir Francis Walsingham

back of the stage at The Globe Theatre, London
Back of the stage at The Globe Theatre,
He may not be able to spell, but that young Will Shakespeare seems set on making a living through his quill. Seems he's helped pen a right popular couple of plays for Lord Strange's Men and as well as acting is content to pursue this as a career.

While the plays go down well in the cheap seats I have heard rumblings ahead of me in the queues at the brothel. Apparently those intellectual types of good learning are quite dismissive of the lad's style. He seems to pick and choose from sources far greater than he and mash them together in a manner, which the poorly educated like myself find most entertaining, but considerably irks those of higher reading.

I heard one gentleman - I believe his name was Bruckheimer or some such - say there was no room on the stage for such dumbing down. He may be right, but another chap I overheard, a most demonstrative chap by the name of Tarantino, thought it a most exciting way of writing.

I suppose you can't please everyone. Master Harry Knowles suggests that young William has far greater projects on the way, man.

And so our William seems to be thriving, albeit in a profession populated by ruffians, cross dressers and people from Warwickshire.

Before I sign off, may I beg your grace to pass on my thanks to his manservant for the loan of the leeches? The swelling has quite gone down now.

Your humble and most observant servant

John Fribbling

PS: No seditious activity observed. Quite a bit of hanky panky though.

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