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Dover, Kent

Dover Castle, Kent
Dover Castle, Kent
Sir Walter Raleigh said of Dover when speaking to Elizabeth I: "No promontory town or haven of Christendom is so placed by nature and situation both to gratify friends and annoy enemies as this your Majesties Town of Dover."

Dover was one of the busiest and most important ports in England, acting as the well-defended gateway to France and the rest of Europe. For an island nation an accessible and defensible port is essential. The huge white cliffs of Dover are a well known landmark and offer natural protection to the harbour.

In Shakespeare's day, international commerce and exploration, along with England's naval power, was on the rise. Dover would have been an incredibly busy place, bustling with foreigners and packed with exotic cargoes.

Today, Dover is still important to England and is one of the busiest ferry ports in the world.

"Drive towards Dover, friend, where thou shalt meet welcome."
"King Lear," William Shakespeare.

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