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The Players

It was another great English poet, John Donne, who said "No man is an island." These biographies represent some of the family, friends, colleagues and associates who influenced the personal and professional life of William Shakespeare.

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[Arden - Hathaway] [HenryVIII - Mary Queen of Scots] [Poley - Walsingham]

portrait not availableEdward Arden

The head of William's mother's family
portrait not availableJames Burbage

Actor and builder of the world's 1st purpose-built theatre
Richard Burbage portraitRichard Burbage

Son of James, leading actor in Shakespeare's company
Edmund Campion portraitEdmund Campion

Gifted scholar and Jesuit missionary
portrait not availableWilliam Cecil (Lord Burghley)

Secretary of State
portrait not availableRobert Dudley, The Earl of Leicester

Close personal friend of the Queen
Elizabeth IElizabeth I

The Queen of England
Earl of Essex portraitEarl of Essex

Nobleman, trouble-maker and rebel
portrait not availableJohn Fribbling

An entirely fictional device
sketch of Anne HathawayAnne Hathaway

The wife of William Shakespeare

[Arden - Hathaway] [HenryVIII - Mary Queen of Scots] [Poley - Walsingham]

All Players

Edward Arden
James Burbage
Richard Burbage
Edmund Campion
William Cecil (Lord Burghley)
Robert Dudley, The Earl of Leicester
Elizabeth I
Earl of Essex
John Fribbling
Anne Hathaway
Henry VIII
William Herbert
Lord Hunsdon
James I
Ben Jonson
William Kemp
Emilia Lanier (the Dark Lady?)
Sir Thomas Lucy
Christopher Marlowe
Mary Queen of Scots
Robert Poley
John Shakespeare
The Earl of Southampton
Robert Southwell
Richard Tarlton
Richard Topcliffe
Sir Francis Walsingham
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