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[Arden - Hathaway] [HenryVIII - Mary Queen of Scots] [Poley - Walsingham]

Henry VIIIHenry VIII

An infamous king, father of Elizabeth I
portrait not availableWilliam Herbert

Possible subject of Shakespeare's sonnets?
portrait not availableLord Hunsdon

Lord Chamberlain and patron of the theatre
King James I of England portraitJames I

King of Scotland and England
Ben Jonson portraitBen Jonson

A fellow writer and former bricklayer
portrait not availableWilliam Kemp

Actor and performer of jigs and jests
the Dark Lady at virginalEmilia Lanier (the Dark Lady?)

A potential match for Shakespeare's mysterious Dark Lady?
Sir Thomas Lucy's bustSir Thomas Lucy

Warwickshire landowner, passionate Protestant
Christopher MarloweChristopher Marlowe

A university graduate, writer, hellraiser and spy
Mary Queen of Scots portraitMary Queen of Scots

Catholic Daughter of James V of Scotland

[Arden - Hathaway] [HenryVIII - Mary Queen of Scots] [Poley - Walsingham]

All Players

Edward Arden
James Burbage
Richard Burbage
Edmund Campion
William Cecil (Lord Burghley)
Robert Dudley, The Earl of Leicester
Elizabeth I
Earl of Essex
John Fribbling
Anne Hathaway
Henry VIII
William Herbert
Lord Hunsdon
James I
Ben Jonson
William Kemp
Emilia Lanier (the Dark Lady?)
Sir Thomas Lucy
Christopher Marlowe
Mary Queen of Scots
Robert Poley
John Shakespeare
The Earl of Southampton
Robert Southwell
Richard Tarlton
Richard Topcliffe
Sir Francis Walsingham
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