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  Othello video still
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"Othello (Clip 1)"
Excerpt from Act 3, Scene 3 : The garden of the castle.

Actors: Alexandra Gilbreath (Desdemona), Ray Fearon (Othello), Stephen Noonan (Iago).

Clip length: 1 min 49 sec
  Othello video still
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"Othello (Clip 2)"
Excerpt from Act 5, Scene 2 : A bedchamber in the castle.

Actors:Ray Fearon (Othello), Alexandra Gilbreath (Desdemona)

Clip length: 2 min 17 sec
  Performed by:
The Royal Shakespeare Company (

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A love that defies the boundaries of race
A hatred that defies all boundaries of reason
Together they will transform a lover's world of sighs into a universe of hurt.

"Othello": be careful who you trust.

Rated NC-17. Psychological drama. Sexually explicit language, racial hatred, violence.

"Iago makes John Doe and Hannibal Lecter look like two supremely well-adjusted individuals."
- Sadist's Weekly


aka "The Tragedy of Othello, the Moor of Venice"

Written between late 1601 and spring 1602

Probably revised 1606

First published 1622

Othello poster

You can read the full text of
"Othello" at
"Othello: Entire Play"

You can find a full synopsis of
"Othello" at
"Shakespeare Resource Center - Othello"

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