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King Lear


  King Lear video still
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"King Lear (Clip 1)"
Excerpt from Act 1, Scene 1: King Lear's palace.

Actors:Julian Glover (King Lear),Estelle Kohler (Goneril), Nancy Carroll (Cordelia), Alexandra Gilbreath (Regan)

Clip Length: 1 min 21 sec
  King Lear video still
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"King Lear (Clip 2)"
Excerpt from Act 5, Scene 3: The British camp near Dover.

Actors: Julian Glover (King Lear), Jo Stone Fewings (Edgar), Ray Fearon (Albany)

Clip Length: 1 min 22 sec
  King Lear video still
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"King Lear (clip 3)"
Excerpt from Act 3, Scene 2: Another part of the heath. Storm Still.

Actors: Julian Glover (King Lear), Adrian Schiller (Fool)

Clip Length: 1 min 28 sec
  Performed by:
The Royal Shakespeare Company (

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Three daughters.
Two Liars.
And a King grown old but not wise.

Power is the prize, but power shall be damned by lies.

"King Lear": Fate loves a fool

Rated NC-17. Sadistic violence, and pants on fire

"These octogenarians of today – no respect for their elders."
- Lazarus


Probably written between 1605 and 1606

Revised version probably written in the winter of 1609-10

Proabably first published in 1608

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You can read the full text of
"King Lear" at
"King Lear: Entire Play"

You can find a full synopsis of
"King Lear" at
"Shakespeare Resource Center - King Lear"

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