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Twelfth Night


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"Twelfth Night"
Excerpt from Act 2, Scene 4 : Duke Orsino's Palace

Actors: Eddie Redmayne (Viola), Terence Maynard (Duke Orsino)

Clip length 1 min 35 sec
  Performed by:
The Royal Shakespeare Company (

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Orsino is in love with Olivia,
but Olivia is in love with Cesario.
Which would be bad enough,
but Cesario is actually Viola - a girl dressed as a boy.

Viola is in love with Orsino.
Viola and Sebastian are twins.
Both think the other one is dead.

Meanwhile, Malvolio thinks Olivia loves him.
She REALLY doesn't.

Confused? You will be, in "Twelfth Night" a comedy of beginnings you'll hope will never end.

Rated PG. Even more cross-dressing. Contains scenes of outlandish leg wear.

"I love a happy ending!"
- David Linsh


aka "What You Will"

Written between 1600 and 1601

First performance between January and September 1601

First published 1623

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"Twelfth Night" at
"Twelfth Night: Entire Play"

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"Twelfth Night" at
"Shakespeare Resource Center - Twelfth Night"

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