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Beat Making Lab

Trapped In Paradise

The Beat Making Lab crew meets Fijian rapper/producer Dave Lavaki (aka Mr. Grin).

Beat Making Lab

Heartbeats of Fiji

Ben searches for purpose, Masi follows a dream. Fiji Beat Making Lab brings them together.


Beat Making Lab

Mashup: National Anthems

US National Anthem [Star Spangled Banner] + Black National Anthem


Beat Making Lab

Get Your Drums Right

One of the cardinal rules of beat making is: start with sampled, not factory, drum sounds.


Beat Making Lab

Health Worker Beat

Ina, a Senegalese student, takes a field trip to an Intrahealth hospital to make a beat.


Beat Making Lab

Behind the Beat: Portobelo

Behind the scenes of the production of the music video for the song, "Portobelo."


Beat Making Lab

Portobelo (music video)

During a blackout in Panama, we filmed this amazing video with Yomira.

Beat Making Lab

Episode 1: Goma, Congo

Professor Pierce Freelon and Apple Juice Kid make beats with youth in DRC, Africa.


Beat Making Lab

Field Trip: Prison Beats

In this video we make a beat in a Panamanian prison with Professor Angel Sound.


Beat Making Lab

Diablos (music video)

Beat produced and lyrics written by the youth of Portobelo, Panama.


Beat Making Lab

What's In the Backpack?

A Beat Making Lab is an electronic music studio small enough to fit in a backpack.


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