Chautauqua - An American Narrative

Premiered January 2011

Chautauqua is a different approach to getting away from it all. It offers its visitors unique experiences in education, the arts, recreation, and religion. Through its wide range of programming, Chautauqua prides itself on life long learning. Chautauqua has hosted world-renowned speakers, thinkers, and artists throughout its more than 135 year history and continues that tradition into today.

Chautauqua: An American Narrative is made possible by a generous grant from The John R. Oishei Foundation The Erie Insurance Group, Eric and Marianne Laine and the CUTCO Foundation, The Chautauqua County Legislature and the Department of Planning and Economic Development, and Gary and Willow Brost.

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Chautauqua - An American Narrative

Chautauqua: An American Narrative

Chautauqua has many unique offerings, from education, to the arts, to recreation.


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Chautauqua - An American Narrative

A Historical Perspective

Learn about Chautauqua's history from Chautauqua archivist and historian Jon Schmitz


Chautauqua - An American Narrative

A Visual Tour of Chautauqua

Explore Chautauqua and experience the natural beauty and architecture of the grounds.


Chautauqua - An American Narrative

A Visual Tour of the Athenaeum

Take a visual tour of the historic Athenaeum Hotel on the Chautauqua grounds.


Chautauqua - An American Narrative

Religion at Chautauqua

Learn more about the role of religion at the Chautauqua Institution.


Chautauqua - An American Narrative

The Arts at Chautauqua

Learn more about the important role of the arts at the Chautauqua Institution.


Chautauqua - An American Narrative

Thomas Becker: Chautauqua

Hear from Chautauqua President Thomas Becker why Chautauqua is important today.


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