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History Detectives

History Detectives

Deleted Scene: Swing Kids in Hamburg

London professor Les Back tells Tukufu about WWII-era Germany's underground jazz scene.


History Detectives

Deleted Scene: Wartime Contradictions

London professor Les Back tells Tukufu about segregation of black soldiers during WW II.


History Detectives

Sultana mystery reveal

The History Detectives come to a conclusion about the Sultana mystery.


History Detectives

Kit Carson Family Secrets

Did this antique biography once belong to Kit Carson’s family?


History Detectives

Sons of the Pioneers

Archive footage of the Sons of the Pioneers performing Tumbling Tumbleweeds.

History Detectives

Web Extra: Rusty Richards

Exclusive for History Detectives. Rusty Richards performs 'So You Want to be a Cowboy'.


History Detectives

The Real Kit Carson

Tukufu Zuberi meets with fellow detective Wes Cowan to discuss Kit Carson's background.


History Detectives

Poet Laureate of the West

Eduardo Pagan provides background on Bob Nolan, a member of the Sons of the Pioneers.


History Detectives

Anti-War Protesters

Archive footage of Vietnam War protesters in 1966

History Detectives

Integration Report

Integration Report, 1960, showing African American students arrested for staging a sit-in

History Detectives

Fifth Column

President Franklin Roosevelt explains the threat of Nazi spies within the United States.

History Detectives

Safeguarding Military Secrets

Archive propaganda film - what can happen when the enemy gains access to military secrets.

History Detectives

Translating the Diary

Wes Cowan talks with translator Merle Pribbenow, who translates passages from the diary.


History Detectives

Incredible Leaps

Elyse Luray talks with Jonathan Taplin, one of Dylan’s roadies who was at Newport.


History Detectives

Dylan Plugs In

Elyse Luray talks with Bob Dylan expert Andy Greene.


History Detectives

Desegregating the Lunch Counter

Tukufu Zuberi interviews two participants in the 1960 sit-ins in Winston-Salem


History Detectives

Our Colored Heroes

Tukufu comes to Elyse for help learning about the origins of an amazing WWI poster he owns


History Detectives

Marion County Library

Eduardo Pagan attempts to trace the life of a single slave known only as Willoby.


History Detectives

Bertillon Card

Elyse speaks to criminology professor Alex Gerould about the wanted scrapbook.


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