Your Life Your Money

With compelling real-life stories of young people finding their way through a variety of economic challenges, "Your Life, Your Money" delivers basic financial advice in a simple and comprehensible manner. Hosted by Donald Faison ("Scrubs"), this special raises fiscal consciousness on everything from banking and credit to investments, budgeting, insurance and self employment.

Funding for YOUR LIFE, YOUR MONEY is provided by HSBC in the Community (USA) Inc. Foundation.

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Your Life Your Money

Budget Your Needs & Wants

Financial experts discuss the age-old challenge of choosing between needs and wants.


Your Life Your Money

Control Your Credit

Learn how to use credit cards wisely and build a strong credit history for your future.


Your Life Your Money

Get in the Habit of Saving

Saving money should be a priority at any age - from piggy bank to federally insured bank.


Your Life Your Money

Get Started and Stay Organized

Take charge of your financial life and put your future in your hands.


Your Life Your Money

Insurance Options

Protect yourself and your loved ones with the proper insurance plans.


Your Life Your Money

Interview with Donald Faison

Host Donald Faison talks about the show and what he learned about finances from his mom.


Your Life Your Money

Love and Money

Financially compatible? Michelle Singletary compares relationships and finances.


Your Life Your Money

Michelle's Mantras

Michelle Singletary shares her thoughts on being financially smart.


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