George Judd,
Manager of the Boston Symphony Orchestra
There are two music professionals who helped Leroy Anderson early in his career as a composer. While Arthur Fiedler's role is well known, the name of George Judd is unknown to most Leroy Anderson music fans. Upon George Judd's retirement as Manager of the Boston Symphony Orchestra in 1954, Leroy Anderson wrote this letter:

"Dear Mr. Judd: I am sorry I was not able to speak to you at the 1929 Night at the Pops (note: June 14, 1954). It was a memorable occasion to me because it was for your own 25th Reunion Concert in 1936 that I wrote and conducted the "Harvard Fantasy" at your invitation, and thus began the association with Arthur that has been so fruitful to me. I want to tell you that I appreciate the kindness you have always shown to me and that I shall never forget that it was you who gave me the start to what has turned out to be a career. I wish you many happy years of retirement. Sincerely, Leroy Anderson. (a July 6, 1954 letter)

"Dear Leroy, I was sorry myself to miss the 1929 night at Pops, but I greatly appreciate the thoughtful letter which you sent me and count it as a happy circumstance that I could have any part at all in your career. You did a lot for us, and if there was reciprocity, - so much the better. Thanks again for your good wishes, and may I extend my very best to you. Yours sincerely, George Judd, Manager, Boston Symphony Orchestra. (an August 4, 1954 letter from Tanglewood (summer home of the Boston Symphony Orchestra), Lenox, Massachusetts)